The new law allowing concealed carry of firearms is a good public safety tool for Arizona citizens.

Friday April 16, 2010 Governor Jan Brewer signed legislation allowing Arizona citizens who are not otherwise prohibited from possessing firearms to carry concealed without a permit.

Citizens of Arizona should not need to petition the "King" for approval to exercise a right guaranteed in the Constitution.  Persons with a need and desire to carry a concealed firearm will be able to do that no questions asked 90 days after the current legislative session ends.

However, the State of Arizona Department of Public Safety will still issue Arizona conceal carry permits and if you are a prudent gun owner you should get one.

Here are some good reasons:

If you travel with a firearm to other states that have a reciprocity agreement with the state of Arizona you cannot carry a concealed firearm in that state without an Arizona issued permit.
You can streamline your retail purchases of firearms with a permit since a background check is not required with a valid CCW permit.
Carrying a concealed firearm in a restaurant that serves alcohol, and allows firearms on the premises, is prohibited without a permit.
Firearm safety is a required topic in any conceal carry class and that knowledge and experience should not be avoided because a new law doesn't require it to carry a concealed firearm.  Arizona gun owners will be under extreme scrutiny for any infractions in gun safety violations and misuse of their guns.  It's your responsibility to know the law.
Since 1996, the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act has made it illegal to possess a firearm in a school zone, which is defined as 1000' from a school.  This new Arizona legislation strengthens the Second Amendment rights of Arizona gun owners, but we will still be vulnerable to federal law within a school zone located in Arizona.  By "knowingly" possessing a firearm within a school zone without a license issued by the state in which the school zone is located you will be guilty of a federal violation that carries a fine and imprisonment for up to 5 years.

To carry a firearm concealed or openly is a grave responsibility.  The training you receive for a CCW permit is invaluable in helping you avoid civil and criminal liability for misuse of your firearm because you didn't understand the laws concerning use of deadly force.  The laws on self defense are not easy to understand and without proper training the pitfalls are many.  

As an Arizona certified instructor I encourage anyone considering carrying concealed without a permit to receive at least the minimum training in justification for the use of deadly force and the other legal issues regarding self defense.  In the near future I, along with other instructors, will be offering "Freedom to Carry" classes that is merely an abbreviated version of the required DPS class for the CCW permit.

Captain Dennis Jackson

Mesa, AZ 85208


Gun tragedies arise from safety ignorance - East Valley Tribune

by Dennis Jackson

Self Defense Solutions, LLC

Located in Mesa, Arizona:

We are dedicated to quality handgun training. Our focus on quality, instead of quantity and our small class sizes will foster a more comfortable learning atmosphere that will encourage even the most reticent of students unfamiliar with firearms.


Safety is our focus at all times. What you learn here you will be expected to share with others in your home and workplace about the importance of firearm safety and how proper training and a safety mindset will prevent accidents. Your safety attitude will color you as a responsible gun owner that can be trusted to safely operate a handgun.



Americans enjoy a right that citizens of many other countries do not – the right to own firearms. But with this right comes responsibility.

It is the gun owner’s responsibility to store, operate and maintain his or her firearms safely. It is the gun owner’s responsibility to ensure that unauthorized and untrained individuals cannot gain access to his or her firearms.

And it is the gun owner’s responsibility to learn and follow all applicable laws that pertain to the purchase, possession and use of firearms in his or her jurisdiction.

Guns are neither safe nor unsafe by design. When people practice responsible gun ownership, firearms are safe!


by Oleg Volk -




Arizona CCW Renewal Notice

Effective 12/31/2007 the fee for CCW renewal will be $43.00. A fingerprint card will not need to be submitted with your application.

Utah Application Fee Changes

September 01, 2007 the fee to obtain a Utah CCW permit increased to
$65.25. This was caused by an increase in fingerprint fee charged by the FBI.
Download the most current UT Application HERE.


Are you a victim of Abuse?



Conceal Carry and You

You have a right to live your life without fear. The "thug" culture and other criminals set their own rules to prey on the weak. You can never know or understand these predatory rules. Therefore, you need to prepare your hand and mind for the day that a confrontation is inevitable and the immediate use of force has been provoked.


Even with a firearm you can still become a victim. But it is certain that without a firearm for personal defense the odds of you being killed or seriously maimed is a near certain. With a firearm and your training you will at least have a fighting chance and your defensive posture training may even diffuse a potenially threatening situation.


With proper training and practice you will become a confident gun owner and you will possess the skills and warrior mindset necessary to protect yourself and your family.

Guns for Home Defense


If you read the newspaper and watch TV you will notice that home invasions are climbing with no end in sight. It is not uncommon for a home invader to be stopped in his tracks by an armed homeowner. On the other hand it also goes the other way with an armed intruder prevailing over an unarmed homeowner. The real tragedy is that it could have been prevented if the homeowner was armed and trained.


Most states now have "Castle Doctine" laws that declares that your home is your castle and you have no duty to retreat from a criminal invader. These laws provide no protection to someone who chooses for whatever reason to not have a gun for protection. Don't leave your life to the will of a criminal!


Submitting to an attacker is not a defensive act! Chances are greater that you will be killed or seriously injured by your submission. You stand a better chance of avoiding injury by fighting back by any means possible. Statistically, the best self defense device is a firearm along with proper training in its use and tactics.